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Frequently asked questions

1. How do I access my locker if I forgot my PIN or lost my RFID card?

Contact the property manager at the facility where the lockers are located.

2. I forgot my locker number, how do I access my items?

Contact the property manager at the facility where the lockers are located.

3. The kiosk screen seems to be glitching, how do I rent a locker or return to my locker?

Contact the property manager at the facility where the lockers are located.

4. The power is out. How do I access my locker?

Contact the property manager at the facility where the lockers are located.

1. Can this tie into my network system?

Yes, it is possible to connect to your network via Wi-Fi or ethernet depending on your Wi-Fi connection.

2. Can E-Lockers generate reports about who accesses the lockers and when?

Yes, reports can be generated and sent via email.

3. How secure are E-Lockers?

Dasco has made secure storage solutions for 50 years and our E-Lockers are made with the same well-known quality. They are designed with security in mind. The frame around the lock is reinforced. The lock has a high pull force rating. Feel confident that your belongings are securely stored and kept safe with E-Lockers.

4. How many lockers does one kiosk manage?

One E-Locker access kiosk can manage up to 128 locker compartments.

5. How do I access the locker compartments?

The E-Locker can be configured to allow access authentication with an employee ID badge, a PIN, or an RFID card.

6. COVID-19 is a concern. What makes your lockers safer than other lockers against the spread of COVID-19?

Contactless E-Lockers are the answer. Tapping your employee ID badge or RFID card will automatically open the door without touching the screen – effectively limiting the contact points.

7. What type of paint do you use on the E-Lockers?

We use high-quality Sandtex powder coat paint which eliminates smudges and fingerprints. It is very durable and tough to scratch – perfect for every environment.

8. How durable is the E-Locker Touchscreen?

Our touchscreen is an industrial touchscreen meant to stand up to rigorous, demanding use. They are trusted in kiosks across North America and have a long lifespan.

9. What support do you offer after E-Lockers are installed?

Dasco offers a 5-year parts and service warranty. Electronic components such as the screen, locks and boards are covered under a 3-year warranty. We stand by our products and will be there to replace or repair them.

10. Who installs E-Lockers?

Dasco employees perform the E-Locker installation. Our team has decades of experience installing storage solutions.

11. What is involved with the installation process?

The Dasco installation team unpackages and sets the E-Lockers in place. They ensure they are level and attached to each other. They will perform on-site tests to ensure that everything is working properly before they leave. The team will also go through the operations with you, so you’re fully comfortable with the installation and confident with how they work.

12. Where are the Dasco E-Lockers manufactured?

Dasco is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company. We manufacture E-Lockers at our facilities in Ontario.

13. What applications are Dasco E-Lockers being used for?

Our secure E-Lockers are used for many different purposes, including package delivery, campus storage, office storage, public spaces and sensitive equipment storage.

14. Is it possible to customize the E-Locker screens to match our brand?

Yes, we work with our customers to make sure screens display requested logos and that the screens match the four editable requested brand colours.

15. Is it easy to delete an employee’s ID badge from this system?

Yes, it is easy to manage employees on the E-Locker system. Once in the secure manager portal, it only requires a few steps to remove an employee.

16. What happens to E-Lockers if the power goes out? Are you still able to access the lockers?

There are two options:

a) You can have an uninterruptable power supply UPS installed. This is also known as battery back-up and must be specified at the time of order.

b) The manager is given keys for the access panels and are shown how to manually open the locks.

17. What if I want to open all the lockers at once to check on the contents?

In the manager portal, there is a feature that allows you to open all the lockers sequentially in a few seconds.