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E-Lockers provide secure storage for every application.

E-Lockers easily handle any storage challenge. The smart locker technology simplifies storage and offers more insights than ever before. Whether you’re handling piles of packages or need secure storage for belongings, E-Lockers are the solution for you.

Parcels waiting to be stored in E-Lockers
Secure, contactless delivery

Package Delivery

Conveniently secure packages until residents or employees pick them up. Eliminate mountains of disorganized and missing packages with E-Lockers. Concierges and certified mail carriers can easily place the package in the locker and notify the receiver that the package has arrived. The locker number and passcode are shared with the receiver – making pickup simple and secure.

Convenient and accessible storage

Campus spaces

Provide students and faculty a secure, on-demand storage solution for your campus. E-Lockers reduce the storage footprint to open more space for your institution. They are great for longer-term storage or a quick, secure solution to lock up laptops and backpacks. Integrate staff and student cards to make accessing storage as easy as tapping a card. You can also monitor storage compartments to see who has used them and for how long.

People congregating on steps in a large open indoor space
Electronic Lockers - Work Spaces
Flexible and traceable lockers

Work Spaces

Need a flexible solution that can store equipment, personal belongings and more? E-Lockers can meet all office storage needs. Offer employees a secure locker for their belongings or use E-Lockers to store valuable equipment and information. Multiple access methods let you choose the best solution for your office. Storage tracking abilities offer more insights into storage habits than ever before.

safe and convenient pickup


Want to give your customers the smoothest pickup experience possible?  Let our E-Lockers safely store orders for customers to pickup at their convenience or take advantage of our controlled and traceable access system to carry out equipment rentals. With the growing demand of online shopping, we can help you better manage employees’ time and facilitate fast and secure pick up options for your customers.

Electronic Lockers - Retail Order Pick-Up
Electronic Lockers - Public Space Storage
adapted to your needs

Public Spaces

Simplify public space storage with E-Lockers. Whether you need storage for a train station or an amusement park, E-Lockers offer guests secure storage for free or for a fee – it’s up to you. Your guests can be assured their valuables are safe, so you can stay focused on doing what you do best.

need extra security?

Valuable assets

Create a high-security, controlled access storage solution for your company, government agency or tactical unit with E-Lockers. The strong steel construction keeps your valuables safe, while our monitoring capabilities let you view who has access the lockers and when. For the smartest secure storage solution, there’s only one choice – E-Lockers.

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